30 free “keys” patches for Ableton Operator

We’re feeling festive and come in peace, with gifts! 30 free “keys” patches for Ableton Lives FM hybrid monstersynth, Operator.


download free operator patches

Download 30 free Operator “keys” patches, click here..


Included in the pack is a selection of keyboard patches, including standard rhodes type sounds, DX7 style piano patches, and various twinkles, bells and plucks to sprinkle onto your productions. These free patches are best suited to house, pop and hip-hop, but are worth investigating no matter what genre you produce.


To install, simply drag the patches into Live and save your favourites, or move the whole folder to:

  • Application Support/Ableton/Library/Presets/Instruments/Operator (Mac)
  • Documents\Ableton\User Library\ (Windows)


Click here to download the patches, and don’t forget to check out our previous Operator patches here. Happy Christmas!