Best Delay VST

Your DAW comes with it’s own delay, but there are several great third party delay plugins available, many with great features that will bring your sound into new dimensions.

Here are four of the best professional delay VSTs available.

RP Delay

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RP Delay is a truly modern VST plugin

A newcomer to the Delay scene but already an all round favorite, RP Delay from Rob Papen sets a new standard in features to price ratio. You get full control over your delay lines with LFOs, reversers, envelopes, filters, feedback, distortion, and various trigger options. As usual with Rob Papen products, the GUI is easy to use, and you get a ton of useful presets. Perfect for everything from subtle vocal echoes to rhythmic percussive supporting hits, special effects, and dubby feedback loops. A truly modern delay plugin and one of the best available.
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PSP 608 MultiDelay

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PSP 608 MD is one of the most fully featured plugins available today. With hundreds of tweakable parameters, and endless sound possibilities, it is a favorite among sound designers and IDM geeks. Each individual tap has feedback, stereo image and position, delay time, filter, modulation, tape saturation, as well as reverb. It supports any bit depth and sample rate up to 24-bit, 192kHz, and can be fully automated via MIDI and any host sequencer.

Most importantly, PSP 608 is hugely powerful, sounds amazing, and is affordable to buy.

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An oldie but goodie, Ohmboyz has been a studio favourite for creative dance music professionals for over five years already. The reason it remains so popular is simple: sheer sonic potential. Ohmboyz is an extremely creative delay VST, capable of messing sound up in twisted, beautiful ways, with very simple strokes of a few parameters. An essential for any glitch/house enthusiasts.

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download loops vst echoOne of the most successful effects plugins of all time, PSP 85 shows off the wealth of possibilities offered by variable sample rate delay lines. This delay VST comes with sixty twisted new presets designed to highlight its exciting new attributes, in addition to a supplementary bank containing more ‘bread and butter’ PSP 84 factory programs. This is the true professionals choice; offering everything from subtle, crystal clear echos, to dubby eroding delays, alien canyons, and everything in between.
Pricey, but essential in every professional studio.

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