Finally! Ableton Live 9 …. leaked!

It’s true! Live 9 is actually gonna happen. And we have screen shots!

Only 2 weeks ago, here on VSTR we were discussing how the long wait for Live 9 had started getting frustrating. Fortunately, today we finally have a glimpse into the future. It seems someone on the Ableton YouTube channel temporarily posted a promo video for new devices in Live 9. It was quickly taken down, but not before some intrepid fanboys posted screenshots and video mirrors on KVR.

new features in live 9

Live 9 looks… a lot like Live 8

Of course, some people were quick to point out that it may have been a controlled leak by Ableton. We don’t care whether or not it was an intentional leak. We’re just excited to see some concrete evidence that the folks in Berlin are taking time off from their busy fussball tournament schedule, to do some software programming.

ableton live 9 leaked video

The browser has been updated in Live 9

The video showcased some new devices, but also gave some insights as to what to expect from Live 9.
This is what we now know:

  • Live 9 ships with “The Glue” compressor by Cytomic. This may be an payed extra
  • EQ8 has been improved again.. with new filters, less noise & artifacts, 48db hp/lp, q interaction, inbuilt analyzer (detachable), range control, band solo’ing, among other features
  • Updated Compressor with intuitive live waveform display.. auto release
  • Updated Gate device with new live waveform display and better control
  • The Live 9 GUI hasn’t changed much, apart from an updated browser section

This new info also coincides with some interruption to normal store service from Ableton collaborators Cycling 74, and speculation on the forums is that we will have more videos, and a beta in the very near future.

No doubt we will have more news soon!

The videos have been mirrored on Youtube.
If they aren’t taken down, you might catch the videos here:

or here: