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Press Release – La Voz Cantante. VST and Standalone Vocoder for Windows.


MV’s Plugins has released La Voz Cantante – a free high-fidelity vocoder

La Voz Cantante is a very naturally sounding vocoder where words are not only clearly understood – the degree of fidelity makes it even possible to identify the speaker or singer. You would not expect that quality from a freeware product!

Unlike many vocoders out there which feature a dozen or so channels, La Voz Cantante is based on todays FFT technology providing an equivalent of 512 channels. There is an internal synth which can be used as an alternative to an external carrier source. All inputs and outputs are stereo. Up to three voices per note are available for a fat chorus sound.


There is a host of useful onboard effects including a noise gate, a reverb and a soft-knee compressor.


La Voz Cantante is available for download at It runs on windows and comes in two variants, a 32-bit VST plugin and a stand-alone application. Users with 64-bit DAWs can use bridging software to run the 32-bit plugin. There are more product details and some audio demos on the Web site, too.


If you are looking for a state-of-the-art vocoder, definitely check out La Voz Cantante!


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