Free Video Training – Exploring Ableton Live 9

ASK Video have released a series of free comprehensive videos exploring the new features in Live 9. This is a much more in depth look compared to Abletons official Live 9 videos.

free ableton live 9 video training

Topics covered include:

  • Lives new browser features
  • Consolidating “Time to new scene”
  • Preparing Scenes for recording
  • Converting harmony/audio to MIDI
  • Session View Automation
  • Advanced conversion of melody to MIDI
  • New MIDI editing features
  • MIDI stretch markers
  • Transposing MIDI
  • Working with automation Breakpoints
  • Automation Curves
  • Building a project from scratch using new workflow features
  • Exploring the new Glue compressor
  • Recording and compressing vocals in Live 9

This video course is free but runs for a limited time so be sure to check it out.

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You can watch the Ableton Live 9 video on MacProVideo by clicking here!