How to get discounts on popular VST plugins


The pricing and value of music software varies hugely from product to product and site to site. Many of us muzos are keen to grab a bargain when possible, especially when some websites offer occasional discounts up to 95%, sometimes more.


Unfortunately, if you have a specific plugin in mind, it can be near impossible to predict when the best time to buy might be. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for some software and you might be in luck today. Plugin Botique have recently updated their website and now include a whole section dedicated to DEALS!


At the time of writing some of the deals include:

  • 97% Discount on Sonic Faction Clone VST
  • 78% off Sonivox Twist
  • 60% off Izotope RX plug-in pack
  • 60% discount on various Metric Halo effects plugins
  • other sale items from Fxpansion, Evantide, Cakewalk z3ta+, Rob Papen, and more..

The catch, of course is that you’re at the mercy of timing, but it’s worth checking out the new Plugin Botique Deals page regularly. It might save you a ton of cash.


Plugin Botique – Special Deals. Click here..