Pro Audio News October-November 2014

New Ableton Max For Live Devices

Continuing in their efforts for world domination, Ableton have officially released three new Max For Live devices;  Grip & Spectrum Effects by Amazing Noises, RokVid by Adam Rokhsar, and AutoBeat by K-Devices.


Autobeat creates midi drum patterns based on chance.


Grip samples and holds portions of the audio spectrum


Spectrum Runner applies tempo synced LFO delays and distortion to portions of audio


RokVid is a movie file manipulator for expressive live visual performance

These new devices are a welcome addition for many who purchased Max For Live, which has been criticized for its steep learning curve and lack of free, high quality devices. Check out the full video here.


PIB VST plugin discounts ahoy!

Plugin Boutique currently have a whopping 40% discount off Rob Papens amazing “Blue” synthesizer. If you’re not familiar with Blue, it is a unique and deep hybrid synthesizer which features a plethora of synthesis types and modulation possibilities.

blue synth plugin download

Blue is a hugely versatile hybrid synth.

Other discounts include 70% off iZotope Nectar Elements, 25% off Voxengo Gliss EQ, 50% discount on Waves REDD, and other discounts on selected audio plugins. These discounts are for a limited period, so hop over and check them out, here.


Juno sounds off about Studio Monitors

Juno Records has gone from strength to strength, now offering music downloads, a comprehensive hardware and software store for DJs and Producers, and now, increasingly brilliant editorial content. Check out Junos take on the 10 best professional music recording studio monitors available today. Most of these come in under the 1000 dollar mark. The new Yamaha HS7 is a most welcome addition to this class of monitors. Check out the full list here: