Tone2 VST plugins download!

Prime Plugins Pro Audio Tools are now supplying plugins from some of the hottest names in music software, including Tone2, makers of some of the best software synthesizers available.


Rayblaster is a brand new unique synthesis paradigm; Impulse Modelling Synthesis, which has the advantage of being both easy to use, and capable of some mind blowing sounds. Particularly adapt at raspy, textured sounds, Rayblaster is a must have for anyone involved in Dubstep, Glitch or IDM production.



A free demo is available to download on from the Prime Plugins site.


rayblaster vst plugin

Rayblaster is one of the best synths for dubstep, glitch and IDM.


Also available for download is Gladiator 2, often described as the “ultimate creation tool” for its endless possibilities, including subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, phase distortion, vocoding, amplitude modulation, waveshaping and sampling, all built in. With all of these tools in one plugin, it functions more like a workstation, and would be an ideal software alternative to a hardware workstation such as a Yamaha Motif or Roland Fantom.


Gladiator VST plugin download

Gladiator VST plugin download


The full Tone2 catalog is available including Gladiator 2, Rayblaster, Saurus, AkustiX, and BiFilter2.