Waves Power Pack Discount!

Plugin Boutique is quickly becoming the place to go for deals on VSTs, more recently securing a deal with Waves enabling them to sell Waves Power Pack at half price!

It’s not yet clear how long the special promotion will be available, but we would advise you don’t hesitate too long; there’s a lot on offer here for 158 dollars!


waves plugins suite buy online


Waves Native Power Pack includes a range of mixing effects plugins including:

  • Delay
  • Reverbs
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Limiting
  • Level Maximization
  • Professional Mixing & Sound Design

Waves describe Native Power Pack as “a perfect introduction to the Waves experience”, but we would be more inclined to describe it as a collection of the best, most essential mixing plugins for sale today.

If you want to get a balanced collection of powerful mixing effects, Power Pack gives you a truly professional suite of mixing tools, one of the best VST effect collections out there, at an unbeatable price. Let’s have a look at what’s included….


 Waves Native Power Pack includes:


buy waves plugins suite at discount price

“Real Room Emulation” is the tagline, and it doesn’t disappoint. While not a convolution reverb, TrueVerb is excellent at what it does, in emulating the reverberation acoustics of different spaces, digitally, algorithmically, and beautifully. Widely regarded as one of the best reverbs available in hardware or software, Trueverb is a no brainer for anyone who wants an versatile, affordable professional reverb in their plugins folder.


  • Independent and Linked distance and reverb modes
  • Time and Frequency Response graphic interface
  • Thru and Send modes
  • Up to 24bit, 96kHz resolution
  • Mono and Stereo components
  • Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU
  • Windows PC and Mac OS X compatible

L1 Ultramaximizer

waves l1 vs limiter

One of the most famous plugins in the world, the L1 is a powerful, transparent peak limiter. Perfect for mastering, when you need to get a loud signal without sacrificing sound quality or dynamics.


  • 2 Plugin Components: L1 Ultramaximizer and L1 Ultramaximizer+
  • IDR™ Increased Digital Resolution dither with noise shaping filter
  • Double precision bit resolution processing
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution
  • Mono and Stereo components
  • Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU
  • PC and Mac compatible

Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer

best eq for mixing and mastering

One of the first ever virtual EQs, but refined over the years to keep up with advancements in DSP, Q10 is a great mixing EQ, and also excels at more creative EQ’ing. Want to take your mixes to the next level? Start here.


  • 7 Plugin Components 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 bands
  • Separate or Linked processing and parameter control
  • Advanced noise-shaping for optimum fidelity
  • Presets for Multimedia, Pseudo-stereo, Band Limiting, Comb Filtering,
    Crossovers, Hum Removal, and More
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution
  • Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU
  • PC and Mac compatible

C1 Compressor/Expander

waves power suite c1 arts

Waves C1 is a sidechain compressor with compression, expansion, gating, and equalization, with three individual modules, for ease of use, CPU efficiency, and flexible signal flow control. C1 is perhaps the most widely used compressor in professional recording studios around the world.


  • 3 Plugin Modules: Compressor/Expander, Gate/Expander, Filter/EQ
  • Split-band dynamics
  • Internal side-chaining
  • External side-chaining (Pro Tools only)
  • Look-ahead feature for precision transient processing
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution (Compressor and Gate only)

IR-L Convolution Reverb

best convolution reverb for mac

Sometimes you just can’t beat a convolution reverb, and the CPU hit is worth it. IR-L is straightforward on the surface but in terms of sonic potential, one of the best convolution reverbs out there.  It comes with 100 incredible sounding impulse responses, and you can of course load your own too, for extra creativity.


  • RT60 extends reverb time up to four times while preserving natural
    envelope and frequency content
  • Over 100 Impulse Responses
  • Upgradeable to IR1 or IR360°
  • Double precision bit resolution processing
  • Up to 24bit 96kHz resolution

Super Tap Delay

recommend delay vst

Supertap is a popular analog tape delay style plugin, with tons of creative options for precise warm pulsing reflections, or psychotic dubby echo madness.


  • 2-Tap and 6-Tap components
  • Tap-Pad for tempo tapping or pattern switching
  • Global LFO modulation and 2 feedback modes
  • Spatial positioning vector display

Doubler – Doube Tracking Effect

vocal doubler plugin

Doubler allows you to quickly create a convincing double tracked vocal (or any recording) without having to do another take. Great for adding width and depth to a vocal recording, but also useful for extra presence on a synth, or strings. At more extreme levels, vocals can be twisted to very cool extremes.


  • 2 Plugin Components: Two-Voice and Four-Voice
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution (TDM 24/96 2-Voice M and M-to-S only)
  • Mono, Mono-to-Stereo and Stereo components


de esser effect

Anyone working with vocals needs a de-esser for removing sibilance from vocal recordings, and anyone using a de-esser probably wants something which does it’s job smoothly and transparently. Enter Waves DeEsser!


  • Sharp side-chain filters
  • Wide-band or Split compression modes
  • Audio or Sidechain monitoring

S1 Stereo Imager

stereo width mixing plugin

One of the most misunderstood plugins out there, the S1 is a unique and powerful set of tools that uses psycho-acoustic spatial imaging techniques to enhance and alter stereo separation. Got it?!


  • 3 Components: Shuffler, Imager, and MS Matrix
  • Left/Right and MS io modes and metering
  • Double precision bit resolution processing

Renaissance AAX – Guitar Compressor

download free guitar amp software

The Renaissance Axx is a compressor plugin ideal for optimizing level and dynamics of any track especially Guitars or Bass. It features a soft limiter at the output so that you don’t create weird digital clipping.


  • Streamlined 3 parameter control
  • Ideal for guitar and bass
  • Double precision bit resolution processing
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution

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